J. Craig Venter Institute Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst in La Jolla, California

Job Responsibilities

This position is responsible for preparation, maintenance, curation, and analysis of data from genome sequencing projects, EST sequencing projects, microarray experiments, and other projects that generate and complement genomic data. Works independently to establish and monitor project goals and develop requirements for tools and process improvements. Acts as a mentor for Bioinformatics Analysts.

Essential Functions

  1. Annotates genome data. Must be able to query various sources for the information needed; i.e., the Web, publications and internal JCVI resources.
  2. Monitors the upload of new data from public databases and external collaborators, finds and loads missed sequences, cleans loaded data to satisfy quality control criteria.
  3. Presents results of genome sequence analyses at internal and external meetings and conferences and plays a significant role in writing research projects and publications.
  4. Recognizes and reports database and algorithm problems to the data management team, fixes problems whenever possible and ensures consistency of databases once problems are fixed.
  5. Works under direct supervision and direction of Informatics management, or their designees, to execute bioinformatics assignments to meet project goals. Must be able to work independently accordingly to experience, exercising analytical judgment and involving supervisory personnel where appropriate.
  6. The Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst assignments will be determined by management as a function of business requirements and personnel capabilities. The dimensions upon which an analyst’s established capabilities and professional growth will be judged are based on the ability to:
  7. Execute complex tasks effectively with minimal supervision
  8. Advance the level of annotation pipelines and bioinformatics tools used within the team
  9. Provide project leadership and mentoring beyond the scope of their own work, including leadership of small ad-hoc project teams
  10. Define and estimate scope of tasks prior to implementation
  11. Execute projects within estimated time frames
  12. Develops and maintains an understanding of the scientific and biological domainsupported by the team, as well as bioinformatics tools, software, and IT technologies used by the team.
  13. Collaborates closely and effectively with software, bioinformatics, scientific, information technology, and administrative personnel within and outside the Venter Institute to accomplish goals. Is an effective member of annotation and multi-disciplinary teams.


  • BS in Biology or Bioinformatics (and a familiarity with the other discipline). MS or PhD strongly preferred
  • Senior level Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis experience equivalent to 5 years with a BS, 3 years with a MS, or 1 year of employment with a PhD.
  • Specific technical skills and experience pre-requisites will be established for each Bioinformatics Analyst position, and may include some combination of the following:
  • Strong familiarity with Bioinformatics tools and techniques
  • Scripting languages (Perl)
  • Web technologies (HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS) and Graphics tools (Photoshop, Fireworks or similar).
  • Relational Database (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and related tools including SQL)
  • Operating Systems: UNIX and UNIX variants, Windows, Macintosh
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills and ability to handle a variety of tasks and shift priorities simultaneously.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to effectively interact with all levels of staff and external contacts; ability to work as an effective team member.
  • Ability to collaborate across a multi-disciplinary team, and work independently.

Requisition Code: INFO1364

Location: La Jolla, California

Department: Informatics

Schedule: Part Time