J. Craig Venter Institute Summer Intern in La Jolla, California

Job Responsibilities

JCVI seeks a summer high school or college student intern to work as a member of our Bioinformatics Resource Center team. The intern will join efforts towards the development and enhancement of the NIAID-funded Influenza Research Database (IRD; www.fludb.org) and the Virus Pathogen Resource (ViPR; www.viprbrc.org).

The summer intern will be expected to contribute effort to the following areas:

  • Performing co-expression analysis for identification of biological pathways underlying host response to infection dynamics

  • Developing WGCNA-based pipelines for complex data mining

  • Algorithm design and development

  • Conceptual design of network-based bioinformatics approaches, mainly deployed in R (basic, R studio and Shiny) and Python

  • Preparing and presenting a scientific poster at the end of the internship


The candidate must have an excellent biology and mathematics background, preferable with some programming experience in one or more computer languages. Work involves analyzing multi-omics datasets using statistical meta-analysis and network-based approaches. A working knowledge of public database resources such as NCBI Entrez/GenBank, UniProt and a keen interest in bioinformatics methods related to transcriptomics data and enrichment analysis is preferred. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required. Unix knowledge is a plus. The student should be currently enrolled in high school or college.

Requisition Code: INFO1341

Location: La Jolla, California

Department: Informatics